There is somewhat of a debate going on about online schooling. Some people swear by it, while others fully disagree. But even with the unsteady general opinion the online schooling numbers continue to rise. So what are the benefits that are reported with online schooling? 

One of the most reported and talked about positive of online schooling is every student can work at their own pace. Often times in regular in-class schooling, students get a few days behind on the material and it snowballs. The result of this is that the student has a hard time catching up, while some don’t catch up at all. This has a cumulative effect not just on the rest of the school year, but also beyond. Compare this to online classrooms, there is a much higher degree of self-paced work mixed in with scheduled lessons and deadlines. This helps give a more personalized education that helps the needs of the student. Students often report feeling less discouraged and more motivated to work as a result. 

The individual education is a huge motivator for some. Not only is the pace based on the individual student, but so can the schedule. With online schooling students can take breaks when needed, also have more freedom with scheduling when needed. Often times the classwork can be done whenever, morning or night. So students who are involved in time consuming extracurricular activities, or other exceptions would benefit greatly from online schooling. Along with the better scheduling, students also enjoy a comfortable environment. Some learning professionals suggest that the regular school environment may not be the best to teach students. Uncomfortable chairs, in bleak rooms can cause for lack of creativity, and learning retention. But when comparing this to in-home learning, the students can benefit greatly from a more comfortable learning environment. Other environmental factors include lots of distractions. This can greatly impact the learning and retention of that learning for students. Peer pressure in typical schools can cause more focus on things unrelated to learning. Also bullying in traditional schools can have a negative effect on students. In an unhealthy learning environment students are not going to want to work. Especially younger students this sets them up in a bad spot for the rest of their k-12 learning experience. 

Many online schooling programs are great for students and parents. Any sort of Distance Learning Online Middle School pinellas county fl benefits students. Parents also become more involved in their children’s learning with online schooling. Often times with online schooling, parents become a bigger part in the learning process for students. And they can provide more one on one work, as well as more encouragement than potentially a regular classroom setting could provide. 

As more students try online schooling, the more it seems viable as an alternative to traditional schooling. As it ages and improves, more and more benefits are discovered and recognized. Online schooling, while not right for everyone, provides opportunities that traditional school cannot. And is worth considering for your child.

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