Parents often feel limited in their educational choices for their children. Cities, towns, and rural living all offer a different blend of schools with some much more than others. There are many reasons why a student might struggle in a school. The child could have been bullied, struggle to understand in class, not get along with the teach, or many other unique reasons. Regardless of the cause of parental dissatisfaction, there is a proper way to handle the situation and there are more than one option for parents to select between. 

Identify Early 

Children often vocalize their dislikes about school and people there, but if what they are telling you sounds wrong, inappropriate, or derogatory then the teacher must be contacted immediately before the problem worsens. In other cases, grades worsen or never improve despite hard effort. Call or e-mail the teacher with these concerns and ask for their help. Knowing the problem is essential to being able to fix it. 


When the child is having difficulties in school the next step is to speak directly with the teacher in person. There they can explain what is happening in their point of view. Parents can also ask questions. Often this first step will solve the problem because a plan of action is created by the parents and teachers collaborating. If the problem persists or worsens then it is time to speak with the principal. They can address the parents’ concerns and offer more solution ideas. They also have the power to change the child’s teacher if that is a source of problems. 

Changing Schools 

Sometimes despite best efforts, a school may not work out for a child or the parents do not feel like it is a good choice any longer. In these cases, parents can consider transferring them to a private elementary school wichita ks. There are many benefits of private school education and it can be an entirely different learning environment for children that come from public schools. A fresh start at a private school can be a breath of fresh air for families that have been struggling with other schools. 


Every single child is a different, unique person. They understand and learn things in a unique way. Another alternative to public schools is a homeschool education. An available parent can utilize curriculum and teaching methods that most aid their child in learning. There are homeschooling co-ops that bring locally homeschooled children together for field trips, events, and lessons. 

A child’s time at school should be safe, educational, and fun. When problems arise they should be addressed early. Speaking with the teacher via phone or e-mail handles small issues and questions. Further concerns should meet teachers in person. If nothing works parents have options. Students can transfer to private schools for a fresh start or be homeschooled and learn in a way that works for them. The parents have the power of making choices about their child’s education.

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