Many people’s minds are not equal to their actual age, some are older than the actual age, some are not mature.

If you are the wolf who eats three little pigs in a fairy tale. How are you going to eat them?

  1. Imitate their mom’s sounds to trick them into opening the door.
  2. Smash the door.
  3. Come in from the chimney.
  4. Wait until they come out by themselves
  5. Smoke them out.

Test results:

  1. Your mind is mature enough. You can already be someone others mentor. Your childish index is 40%. This type of person is good at communicating with others and knows how to communicate with others.
  2. You don’t know how to make a change until you’re scarred. Your childish index is 80%. You look like a grown man, but you are very childish at heart.
  3. You know you’re old enough to need independence. Your childish index is 55%. This type of person know be methodical in doing things. They will learn this during their entire life.
  4. Not only are you not childish, but you are too mature. Beware of premature senility. Your childish index is 20%. This type of person has a good understanding of many things and knows that many things will not work out. So they’re good at waiting until the things work out by themselves.
  5. You live in a fairy tale world, naive to the extreme, let everyone worry about you. Your childish index is 99%. These people go by the seat of their pants and do whatever they want.

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