There are some people who are happy to go with the flow, to make it up as they go along and to deal with disorder. Then there are those who like things to be perfect. But not just perfect, orderly. Fitting together and happening when they are meant to happen, being in the right place at the right time and with nothing out of place. Less creative and more regimented.

Not necessarily obsessive-compulsive by the medical definition, but often labelled as such by their colleagues and those who work with them. It is not a bad thing to be and there are certain jobs that are tailor made for people with these personalities. But what are those jobs? Here are a few examples that those lovers of order should consider as careers.

Fitting it all together

Large scale operations need people running their logistics and operations. Distribution companies are great examples. Imagine a company that operates petrol tankers, distributing petrol to garages around the country. You cannot afford to let the garages run out of petrol. But you cannot get to them too quickly to drop loads because there will be nowhere for it to go.

You don’t want to sit with too much stock in reserve because that is just costly. And you have a huge fleet of trucks and a network of retailers. Who holds this all together? It is a highly skilled and obsessive operations team. The people manning these operations have things like diploma of logistics or similar on their CV’s ad they would enjoy the precision and meticulousness of the job.


The busier the airport the more crucial is the role of the air traffic controller. These are the extremely detail focussed men and women who tell the planes where to go and when. They give permission to land and to take off, they clear flight patterns and, in short, they make sure that planes don’t collide with each other on the runway or in the air. It is people’s lives that are in their hands and frankly, you wouldn’t want somebody who wasn’t obsessive in that role.


There are all sorts of people in eth world of statistics but they all have one trait in common. They are obsessive. It could be your professional cricket scorer or the guys at Opta who collect football data from around the world.

Or it could be academics and researchers who base findings and discoveries on the information that they are able to extrapolate from the data they have painstakingly collected. Again, obsession and attention are key.


Accountants are often regarded as people with no imagination or personality. This is generally not the case. What is true however is that they are obsessive with numbers and making sure that everything balances and is explained.

Probably the worst people in this field are the auditors – they are essentially the extra obsessive people who check that the already obsessive people have everything correct and in order. It is meticulous stuff and not work that everyone is cut out for. Indeed, it takes a very special type of person to excel in this role. 

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