Qatar was once known for pearl hunting trade. Presently, Qatar has earned a name as the ‘Pearl of the Persian Gulf’. The nation has successfully transformed from a simple desert to a magnificent city with futuristic skyscrapers and technological advancement.

Teachers can have a good future in Qatar.

Why should you teach in Qatar?

Qatar has a good market:

The educators with two years of experience of teaching in the public schools won’t have to look further. The Qatar based schools are constantly kids from expat families creating the demand for various teaching positions.

Moreover, the government is investing amply in the education sector to make the school programs a big success. The job market for the teacher is booming high and the pay package is lucrative.

Teaching in Qatar is a good career choice:

It is a fantastic way to develop a career. Qatar schools are independent of the national standards. You can have more freedom for trying out new things and work innovatively. Teachers of Maths, Science, language, etc. have the authority to teach however they want. Teaching English has got a special place in Qatar. In Qatar, you have the chance to develop as a practitioner.

You can earn a lot:

You have to create a good impact on the students. Your reputation will affect your salary. The average salary depends on the fact whether you are teaching English as a foreign language, or, you are educating the children as a certified high or elementary school teacher. You can roll in up to approximately $3,700 per month that also tax-free. Many employers pay for the teachers’ health care, accommodation, flights, etc.

You will earn perks:

The perks vary according to the employer. Before committing to a particular position, you have to ensure comparing the teaching programs, go through the reviews, interact with the earlier participants who have taught in Qatar.

Qatar is best to learn Arabic:

English is the lingua franca in Qatar. But, Arabic has its supremacy and people learn it to mingle with the local Qatari citizens. Also, learning a new language is always good. Expat students are keen on learning Arabic and they are taking tuitions for the needful.

The modern standard Arabic helps those who like to stay in the Middle East country for the rest of life or at least for careeristic purpose. The locals can be made impressed with the Arabic dialect.

Qatar has many things to offer:

Visit Doha and you will understand why Qatar has become one of the favorite destinations for many. Modern cafes, restaurants, a man-made island, etc. will surely worth trying. The Museum of Islamic Art can enlighten you about the Middle East which is loved by the teachers and the students.

The adventure lovers can enjoy rides on the sand dunes, do camping, go for camel rides, and the desert has ample content for the geography students and educators. The coast o Doha is great for kite-surfing. You can spend your days on the Persia Gulf.

Qatar allows you to make global friends:

Qatar is visited by people across the world. In the classroom, you can find multiple cultures. Both the Qataris and the expats are studying together in the same school under one roof. Qatar has a population more than two million, of which approximately half million are expats coming from all over the globe. They are an integrated part of the expat community. As a teacher, you can easily find good friends.

Taste the Arabic coffee:

You won’t get bored as you will have many activities to do when you are not teaching. You will get to taste the best Arabic coffee that is served plain, or with saffron or cinnamon. Visit the coffee hubs and enjoy your day alone or with your friends.

Important reminder:

Teaching job is not for everyone. You must know your taste before picking up a teacher’s designation as you may feel worse if you don’t like your profession and that also in a foreign land. If you want to be a teacher and earn handsome, Qatar can be the ideal place for you. Before deciding anything, do a lot of research an know the Qatari culture and the present condition of the nation. Qatar is a conservative country with a modern mix of party and luxury die to the foreign people studying, pursuing a career and living there.

You have the golden opportunity to influence the mind of the youngsters in Qatar and make them educated enough to be responsible citizens in the future and good revenue generator.

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