COMEDK exam preparation: COMEDK or Consortium of Medical, Engineering, and Dental, Karnataka is an entrance exam that grants admissions in around twenty thousand seats of colleges in Karnataka. This includes medical, engineering and dental programmes offered by more than 14 medical colleges, 25 dental colleges and 150 engineering colleges of Karnataka under the umbrella of Association of Medical, Dental and Engineering Colleges (AMDEC) run by the Karnataka Professional Colleges Foundation (KPCF) Trust. This year, AMDEC has released the online application form of COMEDK UGET 2019 on January 16. The last date to apply for COMEDK UGET 2019 is April 19. This means, if you haven’t already, you still have time to do so.

Eligibility for COMEDK exam:

The COMEDKUGET 2019 eligibility criteria for B. Tech programme are as under:

Eligibility Criteria for Engineering Courses-

  • Qualifying Examination:Candidates applying for the admission through COMEDK UGET must have passed the Class 12th boards or second PUC or equivalent examination recognized by the State or Central government.
  • Subject Combination:Candidates applying for COMEDK UGET must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics along with English as the compulsory subject in their Class 11th & Class 12th There is no exception here.
  • Marks required in the said Qualifying Examination: General category candidates must have secured an aggregate of 45%marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics each. That and they should have passed individually in their Class 12th board examination. Candidates that belong in the SC/ST/OBC candidates must have secured at least 40% marks in their class 12th. Physics and Mathematics are compulsory along with Chemistry/ Biology/ Biotechnology/ Computer Science/ Electronics as optional subjects.
  • Since there is no lateral degree programme through COMEDK UGET exam, no diploma candidates are eligible for the COMEDK UGET 2019 entrance examination.

COMEDK UGET 2019 Important Dates

Events of COMEDK exam Important Dates of COMEDK exam
Registration starting January 16, 2019(12:00 pm)
Availability of Mock Test February 5, 2019
Last Date for Submission of Filled Application Form along with Online Payment April 19, 2019
Availability of Hall Ticket May 3, 2019 to May 11, 2019
COMEDK UGET 2019 Examination May 12, 2019 (As announced on the official website)
Provisional Answer Key release date May 16, 2019
Last date to challenge Provisional Answer Keys May 20, 2019
The release of the final answer key May 24, 2019
COMEDK UGET 2019 Result announcement May 27, 2019
Counselling Session begins for COMEDK UGET 2019 The second week of July 2019

Tips for COMEDK Exam Preparation:

  • In-depth knowledge about COMEDK: All your examinations are constructed to meet the needs of the institutions it caters to. Different institutions have different criteria for selecting students and hence conduct separate exams. Knowing and understanding the pattern of the examination and types of questions is a must for your preparation.
  • Begin with a set time-table: This is your holy grail in your COMEDK exam Your time-table is your pathway to achieving your goal. Make sure all your breaks, leisure, etc. is also accounted for in this schedule of yours. Your schedule could be subject-wise, or a mixture of many subjects slotted according to mixed difficulty levels. Consider the fact that human attention span on an average is between 40 mins to an hour, so any slot you mark should not exceed this without a break or you lose your focus. Try to absolutely stick to your schedule and never procrastinate. Keep social media, Netflix and other such distractions at bay. Remember, time is of the essence here. If you must incorporate it, maybe that’s the leisure slot you want to assign it to. The total syllabus requires diligent study and hence you must train yourself to study for a specific required number of hours every day apart from practicing extra questions. To habituate your mind with the different types of questions, you must have practiced more than enough such types before-hand.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses:Your COMEDK exam preparation is strictly governed by self-analysis. Nobody knows your study requirements better than  If you fail to find loopholes in your concepts or shy away from revisiting your mistakes, it is not going to do you any good. Knowing your weaknesses allows you to work on your weak concepts, so ask doubts and probe further into concepts.
  • Practice:One cannot stress enough how practice is your only biggest key to turn your dream of getting into a great college into a reality. COMEDK exam preparation requires you understanding all the different variety of questions that could be thrown your way. You should have the answers at the tip of your fingers, such should be your practice. It shouldn’t even take you long to identify the methodology to solve a question. Say, for example, you need to apply a certain formula to your Physics numerical, you should have practiced so many of such a type that remembering the physics equation or formula happens intrinsically. It shouldn’t even take time. Practicing questions from different sources also gives you confidence for the actual exam.
  • Solve plenty of previous year question papers: Remember to go through your previous years’ papers because what better way to gauze the exam pattern, difficulty level, etc. than to actually solve them. Collect previous COMEDK exam questions papers and start solving them. Always remember to go back to your answer keys to compare and definitely remember your learnings from it. Make a note of all the topics you are weak in and concentrate more on those topics. While we are at it, it is also important to adapt your body clock to the examination timings so that you can deliver your best in that duration. You’d relate to this: if you always study at night, that time your brain sort of acclimatizes itself to be in it’s the most alert state. If you sleep at a certain time, you usually would feel sleepy in that time too. The more you stick to the time restrictions, the better equipped will be to handle the examination pressure. This is because your body clock adjusts its state.
  • Revision notes:We cannot stress enough how important is a revision. Memory is a tricky thing and we don’t always have it as expected. Writing notes on the go not only re-installs the points in your mind, but it also makes a great handy place for revising formulae, deviations, equations, and important points. Some students stick the periodic table, important formulae on the wall. Make sure to glimpse over that every day. These could be mathematical formulae or important chemical reactions; basically, anything that is important and is expected to be remembered for the exam. In the last minute, you won’t really have time to go over the entire concepts but just these notes. Your COMEDK exam preparation comes full circle only when you do both short revisions and long revisions at the end of your preparation.

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