With the increasing number of problems that face public schools today, there has been a much greater emphasis on school and educational alternatives. Many parents today have learned that today’s youth environments can be riddled with controversies, bad influences, peer pressures and poor educational offerings. Because of this, there has been a significant rise in: magnet schools, private schools, Christian and Catholic schools and home-schooling alternatives. 

Examining Important Criteria

While no two children are the same, most parents agree that having the best education for their children is a priority for them. The biggest concern is finding the best opportunities available for their child or children. Parents that are considering alternatives to public education should look at the many benefits that each type of school affords before making their final choice

Some of the biggest factors when choosing the right school that should be considered for each child include: 

• Class Curriculum 
• Average Student/Teacher Ratio 
• Safety Protocols 
• Location of the School 
• After School Programs 
• Success of the School 
• Total Number of Students in the School 
• Accreditation Status 
• School Values 
• Post School Opportunities 

Each of these concerns is significant for a parent and will potentially affect how well a child does in the school in many ways. 

Looking Beyond the Basics 

If a child is very active and wishes to be involved in sports but the school has few opportunities, then the parents will have to weigh out this as part of the decision. In doing so they often look for alternative ways to meet their child’s sporting needs. For many kids, after school activities rank high on the list of their concerns. Many of these include music, sports, theater and social clubs that help build a child’s talents and self-esteem as well as social skills. 

Class curriculum has a great impact on the substance of what a child learns, parents who are considering enrolling their child in a private, Christian or Catholic school like one of the ones available at an all girls catholic school Bowie MD residents should look at all their options. Since parents are going to pay tuition for these types of educational opportunities, it is important for them to consider the value of the type of education they are getting. 

Certain schools are linked in fairly well with other opportunities for children beyond their school environment. This is a key component for many children in their life and education. This is especially true in their teenage years as the child ages beyond middle school. College opportunities and community involvement often have a great impact on the future of a teen. 

Christian and Catholic Schools 

For the parent that is very concerned that their child receives an education that is based on the values of faith and Christianity, Catholic and Christian schools are the best choice. However, even when considering these types of schools there are many questions to ask. 

Some Catholic and Christian school systems only cover elementary and middle school grades. This can leave a big question surrounding where they should attend high school. Since high school is widely known to be the most problematic for bad peer influence and school violence, it is important to look at what alternatives will be available to them once they pass the eighth grade. This is especially true since their acceptance into many colleges is affected by what school they have attended in their high school years.

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