The healthcare field is one of those fields that is known for its immense growth. After all, there are more people than ever, and all of these people need health services. Whether the population gets larger or smaller, health services will always be needed. This is the reason why healthcare occupations are seen as the most stable. It is one of the few fields that cannot be outsourced to other regions of the world because it involves the care of living people. In a world where many occupations are becoming obsolete due to outsourcing and the usage of robots, healthcare is the one of the few industries the can be the least corrupted by those things. 

Art And Design 

Majors that have to do with the arts are seen as being less stable and less needed in the job market. Many of the jobs that art majors can get tend to be lower paid. Because of these facts, art majors are looked down upon and are sometimes spoken down about. However, an art major is good to pursue if a person really loves a specific art discipline and wants to devote his/her energy and time to pursuing it. Art majors are frequently spoken about in a condescending manner. However, anyone who has every gone to a school for art and/or design will tell you how hard the work is and how much discipline you have to have—or grow—in order to do well. 

Liberal Arts 

Liberal arts are general subjects like English, Math, Music, Art, Literature, Theater, History, Sociology, Psychology, Science and Languages. These types of majors are seen as being “soft” and “useless,” much like majors relating specifically to art and design. Many people laugh at liberal arts majors, implying that people who pursue such majors would be better off going to an accounting school houston tx. However, there may be some jobs out there that require people to have a particular type of liberal arts degree. There are also many jobs that don’t require a particular degree, yet require that a person has a degree. Also, people who major in liberal arts can pursue more education to become teachers, scientists, lawyers and doctors. 

Trade School 

Trade school is good to go to for people who are in interested in pursuing careers in certain hand-on industries. Some examples of trades include automotive, welding, construction, hair dressing, barbering, HVAC, carpentry and plumbing. There are some trades that fall under the above classifications. For example, some types of jobs in the healthcare field may be considered “trades,” as well as some art and design jobs. Usually, people who go to trade school are stereotyped as being “dumber” or “lower class,” but those are just negative, condescending stereotypes. Even if you do see some tradesmen who lives their lives or act in a way that you deem as unacceptable, that doesn’t mean that people who pursue trades deserve to be bashed. In fact, there are plenty of people in “higher class” types of jobs and schooling that are degenerates. Tradesmen fix things, build things, maintain the infrastructure of society and help us in times of need.

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