Serving the military takes hard work and dedication. The first four years of your life is dedicated to active duty. Some people leave their family behind while others have to postpone starting a family altogether. However, serving active duty does have many benefits. You enjoy housing, financial, and medical benefits. There are also great benefits for your spouse and dependents. Many people sign-up for the military because of the perks. What about educational benefits for military personnel? The military is a great time to pursue an education because educational assistance for military personnel is readily available in several areas of study. 

What Type of Educational Benefits are Available to Military Personnel 

The military provides active duty and military on leave many benefits for a higher education. Best of all, it’s a great time for older adults in the military to get an education. They have an opportunity to get an education and pursue a career degree in the military while younger adults can improve their rank and get an education in a particular field. A good education will allow you to take advantage of your career. You’re encouraged to take complete advantage of everything an education has to offer. 

The Type of Military Education Benefits Available 

Post 9/11 GI Bill 

Under the Post 9/11 GI Bill you can receive up to 36 months of education as active duty or a military veteran. You can attend college, vocational school, learn an apprenticeship, and much more. Military personnel are allowed to get up to 4 years of assistance in a regular degree seeking program. 

Tuition Assistance 

Tuition assistance in the military pays your tuition and other fees. The tuition is paid to the school on a per class basis depending on the classes that you choose. This gives you the freedom of taking a few classes, a two-year school, or a four-year degree. 

Why Combining Your Service & Education Makes Sense 

The men and women that serve in the military work very hard to protect the rights and freedom of the people they serve. Getting an education while serving in the military is smart because it allows you to study at your own pace. You can take online classes that cater to military personnel and give you the benefit of studying abroad while your stationed away from home. 

Funding college can be very difficult, but the military gives you many benefits. There are several military education benefits that will pay for an Associate’s or bachelor’s degree. They also allow you to get a certificate or diploma in a particular field. You can speak to an educational professional that has experience with getting an education while in the military. Best of all, you never have to pay the educational funds back. You can also get private student loans from your bank while you’re serving as active duty or on leave. Military professionals are invited to use many online websites to find out more details on getting an education.

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