There are many myths about attending college after you join the military. Some people believe going to college to be difficult for members of the military. The belief that attending classes is hard because of the demands of work, deployment, and family is true, but this is not an impossible feat if one has the right educational institution to help them along the way. Many service members enjoy a quality college education while they serve our country. Some military members can take advantage of a traditional brick and mortar school, while others choose to attend classes online due to their schedule demands. 

The Advantages of Online Education for Service Members

Getting an online education means learning new skills to further your career or to begin your post-military career when the time is right. Online education allows for a flexible schedule and twenty-four-hour access to class material, discussions, and email assistance from instructors. This is helpful for military members who may find themselves required to attend last minute called training and debriefings. Military members do not have the luxury of choosing their schedule as most people do. If their commander wants them on the base, then it is required, or they face stiff penalties that can even lead to jail time. 

Military members take a chance of getting assigned to a new duty station with little to no notice. This is another positive of online education. It does not matter where one is in the world because the internet is far-reaching, making time and location a problem that does not exist. Attending an online university for military members will take the guesswork out when it comes to how you can have a career and go to class. It allows you to go to class when your schedule allows instead of hoping your situation does not change while class is in session. 

Special Considerations When Choosing the Right School 

When looking at what university to choose there are some important things to consider. Cost is important. Potential military students need to make sure the university they choose understands and takes part in all aspects of the GI Bill. This will help make sure every military member gets all the money for college that they are entitled to. There are several programs associated with the GI Bill so making sure that the chosen universities participate in all programs is crucial to obtaining the best education for military members. 

Another thing to consider is if the university will allow military training to count towards needed credits. If the college does then the base can help gather the needed paperwork and the cost of the degree will be reduced due to the number of classes that will be required. Lastly, the attending university needs to offer the ability to easily transfer in and out if the situation arises, like a change of orders. Military members need flexibility and having the ability to transfer their credits is essential to every service members’ college education. 

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